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Renshi Lori Morris

4th degree 

Renshi Lori was born in Denver CO in 1963, and spent most of her first twenty years there. She was schooled primarily in private Catholic schools that demanded a very high level of discipline. As a youth she trained in ballet, tap and gymnastics. She performed with her dance troupe in numerous public performances. In gymnastics she excelled in floor exercise routines, securing for herself a first place position in the local tournament circuit. From the ages of fourteen to seventeen she especially enjoyed long distance bicycling.

By 16 she was averaging 30 miles per day, five to six days a week. In her late teens she moved with her family to Arizona. Here she developed a love for swimming and would spend hours every day working on speed and endurance. Sensei spent her years between seventeen and twenty living between the two cities of Phoenix and Denver. An avid reader Renshi Lori would pour over any book on any subject of interest. In 1981 before Sensei finished high school she attended numerous classes at two community colleges in Colorado. Through 1982 and 1983 she attended two more community colleges in Arizona. The main focuses of her studies were and still are ancient and modern religions of the world, calligraphy, history, and eastern and western medicine.

At the age of twenty she met and married Kyoshi Gary. They spent the next twenty four years raising their family. Together they owned and operated their own family businesses in Arizona for a majority of those years.

In 1998 Renshi Lori began her martial arts training in Shinpu-Ren with Sensei Drake Sass in Wickenburg Arizona. She would train in this dojo for three years. In those three years she developed a respectable competition standing, continuously placing in the top three of her division at most of the tournaments attended. Renshi Lori currently holds two world titles and various state, regional and national titles. In 2001, Renshi Lori, then a low advanced rank, parted ways with her instructor when he changed systems. Renshi Lori chose to continue her training in the Shinpu-Ren system. It was at this time her training was taken over by her husband Kyoshi Gary, and overseen by the head of the Shinpu-Ren system Hanshi John Kraemer. Renshi Lori had already been training and assisting with teaching in the family dojo for some time. This change gave her the opportunity to dedicate more time to this area of her martial arts career.

At this point Renshi Lori truly began to develop in her abilities as a student and as an instructor.  In 2003 Renshi Lori along with her husband Kyoshi Gary and son, Shihan Alex opened their second dojo. This school would train numerous talented karate students and champion competitors. Renshi Lori was promoted to black belt in December of 2004 and in 2006 was especially honored to be promoted to her second dan by both, Hanshi Steel 10th dan, and Hanshi Kraemer 9th dan. Renshi Lori has found karate to be one of the most gratifying pursuits in her life and will continue to teach and train in the family's dojo.

"Our students inspire me in every class to strive to be a better teacher, and even a better student myself. I recognize many traits in them that I myself have gone through. I have always had a desire to learn as much as I can in this life, and these students are making sure I don't miss a lesson ".

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