Shinpu-Ren Karate Course Schedule for Yavapai College

Shinpu-Ren Karate Course Schedule for Yavapai College

Shinpu-Ren Karate Course Schedule for Yavapai College

Yavapai College Karate Course

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Endurance • Agility • Patience • Strength • Confidence

Class Schedule

Department: Physical Education

Division: Karate

Delivery Methods: Activity Based

Course Availability: Spring Semester 2017


Shihan Alex Email Instructor

Prescott Campus

PHE 100B: Karate

Prescott: CRN #10600

Saturdays: 01/17 - 05/05 2017

12:00 p.m. - 1:40 p.m.

Building 2, Room 140

Instructor: Shihan Alex

Prescott Valley:

CRN #10600

Fridays, 01/17 - 05/05 2017

7:00 - 8:40 p.m.

ShinPu-Ren Family Karate

Required Items

Semester Tuition $75

Uniform $40

Water Bottle

Instructors: Alex and James Morris

Shihan Alex Hanshi Gary

The Saturday class is open to teens 13 years and up to train in a family style atmosphere. Parents will need to complete the registration requirements with the Registrar. The Friday evening class is specifically designed to suit the adult student. Both classes allow for a wide variety of talent and challenge for the students. With this level of atmosphere the class moves at a pace that allows students to experience many more advanced techniques in a shorter period of time. Students are able to progress through their ranks in an accelerated, high energy, widely informative undistracted atmosphere. College students are eligible to train up to and beyond Black Belt level. Additional training opportunities beyond these courses are available through Shinpu-Ren Family Karate.


Fundamentals of karate. Emphasis on self defense techniques, fitness and wellness. Includes individualized progression through degrees/belts. Two lab. S/U grading only.


  1. Philosophy of oriental martial arts
  2. Blocks
  3. Hand techniques
  4. Leg techniques
  5. Kata
  6. Kumite
  7. Techniques of self defense
  8. Techniques of reflexes, concentration and martial arts


  1. Articulate historical and philosophical bases of martial arts. (1)
  2. Perform fundamental karate moves. (2-6)
  3. Apply techniques for self defense, concentration and martial arts. (7,8)
  4. Use karate techniques progressively through established degrees/belts. (2-8)

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