Dojo Rules

Dojo Rules Explained

No Profanity on the training floor -includes lobby guests

  • Students are required to wear the approved uniform while attending class
  • No food or drinks (other than water)
  • No gum chewing or smoking in the dojo
  • No jewelry (watches, rings, necklaces, etc.) during training (with the exception of wedding bands)
  • All black belt instructors will be addressed appropriately as Sensei or by their personal Title
  • DO NOT touch any of the weapons without prior consent of an instructor. Weapons are as such and NOT toys to be played with.
  • Courtesy and respect will be shown to fellow students in the dojo at all times
  • The dojo is a training area - NO horseplay, running, or climbing on the equipment
  • Observers will please keep voices to a minimum and small children under control
  • Poor behavior, disrespect and lack of interest will not be tolerated and could result in dismissal

Dress Code Explained

Approved student uniform is as follows:

  • Plain White student Gi top or White (Dojo screen printed) Top
  • No t-shirts under Gi top for male students
  • Female students will wear sports bras and or tank tops under their Gi top
  • Black student Gi pants
  • Student weight or heavy weight Gi is allowed

Shinpu-Ren system patch is to be applied to student's Gi top Left side of chest (over the heart)

The only other approved patches for kyu student uniforms are:

  • The Hidari Gomon (Okinawan symbol)

Approved weapons training uniform is as follows:

  • Standard Karate uniform or Black Gi top over white Gi Pants

For students who have achieved Black Belt rank in another system all the above applies.

  • Black belt instructors have the option of black or white Gi pants