What’s New Archive

August 20

Shinpu-Ren will host two Co-Ed Self Defense Classes at the Prescott Valley Library on September 19th and 26th

August 16

Shinpu-Ren expands it's Parks and Recreation Schedule for enrollment. Two new enrollment rosters are now being offered as well as the Mighty Might's Program for kids 3-7 yrs. We are also adding the GET K.I.S.S.D. Self Defense program for women age 14 and up.

August 10

Shinpu-Ren Family Karate adds new options and classes to the Prescott Valley parks and Recreation roster

August 3rd

After School Karate Transport starts up again, and we have added an additional round trip transport from Chino Valley Schools

June 8

2015 Dojo Adventure Camp Begins- every other week through out the summer- check the website for more details

May 16

Second Annual Goshindo Games Tournament was sponsored by the USAMA. We had a wonderful turnout with many competitors from neighboring states, the final tally on competitors was 118, generous donation from local business’ like All Clean Services, Albertsons, Freedom Station, National Bank, Pizza Hut, American Muscle, Panera Bakery, Fujiamas, Garcias, Antelope Lanes, Big O tires, Cracker Barrel, Jack in the Box, Home Depot, Sams Club, Buffalo Wild Wings, helped to make this a very successful event. We want to thank each and every family and Dojo that came out to support us this year; we look forward to providing and even bigger and better event in 2016

May 14

There was a flurry of activity in the Dojo today as we have so many people testing for their new ranks. We always have a large group ready to test when Hanshi John is coming as it is such a special treat to have him in on the testing and signing cetificates and snapping belts. Today we welcomed our newest Black Belt into the Yudancha, Mackenzie tested for over 7 hours just today, this doesn’t count her other days of additional testing earlier in the week. She presented each of the Sensei with amazing gifts at the end of the evening and there were tears shed on both sides after listening to her essay. We are very Proud of her and know that she always has and always will represent herself , her family and her Dojo well.

May 14

Hanshi John honored us with a visit for the week and helped with our testing and our tournament. These visits always seem to be over too soon.

May 1-2

Durango Colorado is calling and we will be there for Sensei Kyle Eckes, annual tournament. This is such a great opportunity to spend some time with our own Sensei Kyle and see how well his students are doing, also to be able to assist with his tournament and help make it a success. We have four students and 2 Sensei attending. The group returned with 5 Firsts and a handful more of 2nd and 3rds. We also visited the hot springs, took a drive through the mountains to visit Silverton Colorado and we stopped at four corners on the way home. We want to thank Sensei Kyle for inviting us, and want him and his Dojo to know we had a really good time!

April 9-11

15 students and 3 Sensei attended the USKA Nationals in Las Vegas Nevada. Students captured

April 3

A surprise visit from Hanshi John is always a wonderful surprise. We were able to visit for an overnight while he was on a return trip sadly having to say goodbye to his sister in California who suffered a terrible accident and passed away the evening he made it into Arizona, our thoughts and prayers are with him in this difficult time.

April 1

Beginning in April we will offer a second roster of classes available to students, this Tues-Thurs-Sat roster will run the same classes as the alternate,, it will also make more room on the floor and accommodate different family schedules, if you need to change rosters see your Sensei, this will also co-inside with new changes to the Parks and Recreation Program.

March 26- 28

Students attended the 2015 Grand Internationals, where they returned with a total of 18 first place wins and numerous 2nd, 3rd and 4ths. This was such a fun tournament with a great Martial Arts atmosphere throughout the week end. A big Thank You to the USAMA and everyone that helped make this such an enjoyable event

March 13

Spring Break Adventure Day Camp will be a fund raiser for the USAMA Grand Internationals. We will do climbing walls, Sedona vortex’s, gummy worms, Friday the 13th superstition breaking, batting cages, make cupcakes, archery, kayaking, and ohhh so much more, sign up while there is still space!

February 28

Cheese Cake Fundraiser Begins- Get them while you can- only $10.00 ea

February 21

Dojo Yard Sale and Car Wash, 8am-4pm

February 20

Congratulations to our newest Jr. Black Belt Fisher, He did a terrific job on his exam and all of the requirements that must be met to achieve his Jr, Black Belt. Fisher actually tested for 2 days, beginning with his written exam, followed by designing and leading all classes all 15 Kata performed to the highest standards, 2 weapons forms, his own Kata made up and designed by him his personal essay, for which he did an excellent power point presentation, 50 self defense techniques perfectly demonstrated with fresh attackers, humbling, oral review board of Black Belts, and last but hardly least a one hour Kumite session with fresh fighters thrown in every 2-3 minutes. Fisher did an excellent job on his test and best of all presented his mother with a dozen roses to thank her for her commitment to him. We are very proud of him.

February 16

Presidents Day Dojo Day Camp, Watson Lake, Movies, Pizza and more

February 14

First cut tryouts for a Nationals Sponsored Team will be held today during open floor. Anyone wishing to be a sponsored member must attend and make this first cut.

January 24

USKA Southwest Regionals

Everyone that competed returned as a top 3, with 15 Top 3 placings total

January 19

Kuma Day Camp, an all day adventure of exploring Bear techniques, round defense followed by a trip to Harkins to watch Paddington Bear and then Freedom station

January 8

New Skills certificates have been implemented in the Dojo, These will help all students at each rank make sure they have what they need to advance, see your Sensei if you have any questions regarding yours.

January 5

It’s official, the Kobudo Classes are now a part of the regular schedule, Tuesdays will be beginners Bo, and Thursday will be for intermediate and advanced Kobudo Students, Sign up now and get your requirements for your rank advancement started!

January 5

SPRFK was the recipient of a generous donation of a huge flat screen T.V. monitor to use as another great teaching tool


Classes Resume

December 13

Annual Christmas Party and Awards Banquet

This years party was also an ugly Chirstmas sweater Party, and OMG were there some creative and hilarious sweaters at the party. This years biggest surprise was when we brought Hanshi John in via SKYPE to award Shihan Alex his Award / Induction into the 2014 U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Everyone was thrilled and surprised, I had to keep it a secret for months! Everyone enjoyed wonderful food, demonstrations from the Bagua Class and much more, What a wonderful way to end the year!

December 13

Sensei, Students and parents turned out this morning at the Prescott VA Cemetery to place Christmas wreathes on the headstones of military soldiers. We are honored to be able to participate in this event sponsored by Wreathes across America

December 6

Students and Sensei attend the Grand Canyon State Games in Phoenix. Everyone did really well and had a great time at the tournament. The competition was good and when they returned with their medals they were all quite pleased with themselves. Congratulations SPRFK Team!

November 22

This year 12 students attended the USKA Arizona State Championships. Many of the students did well this year capturing 21 Titles and numerous others. Four of the students that attended were first time competitors and each of them qualified for the USKA National Championships for 2015

November 24

Students participated in the annual Flyin’ High Turkey Drive. Out of the group that participated this year they were able to deliver $500.00 worth of Thanksgiving meal supplies and a cashiers check for $100.00 You guys are awesome and make your Sensei proud!

October 3

A small group of students attended the Jim Hawkes Memorial Tournament in New Mexico. All of the competitors did extremely well and came home with 11 Firsts and numerous second and thirds. What a great time was had by all


We have just added another neat extra to the Dojo, beginning in August you can NOW book your Birthday Party here with us! We have set up multiple packages to accommodate every budget. Parties can be tailored to each individual child in hundreds of ways. Check out our party page on the website now and schedule YOUR next Birthday with us!

August 29

Sensei Bob Supergan earned his 2nd Dan, we are so honored to have a teacher like Sensei Bob, he is fun , caring, and passionate about helping every student become their best, Thank You Sensei for being a part of our Dojo

August 5th

New floormats fundraiser – Dinner at the Dojo, we served 18 Pizza’s and raised enough money for another 100 sq feet of sweet cushy matting for the floors- way to go people!

July 19

Shinn pu ren hosted our first Karate Tournament sanctioned by USKA. We had an awesome turnout, great competition, sportsmanship, and fun was enjoyed by everyone. The tremendous support for our “Goshindo Games 2014” from all of the other Dojo’s and local business’ was just great. We had 124 competitors from all over the country. Thank You to everyone that came out to support us, 2015 is just around the corner, we have learned a lot from this experience and hopefully next years Goshindo Games will be even Better

July 11

Shihan Alex begins teaching Karate for Basis Charter School in Prescott

July 9

Nija Turtle Madness Adventure Fun Day Camp Fundraiser

Students and parents participated in an all day fun camp fundraiser. The day started out with Roll like a Turtle gymnastics, diving, rolling, followed by Jiu Jitsu floor work with partners, learning escapes and throws and reversals, students also got to throw suriken and knives outside with an instructor during the training sessions. At 12:30 we decended on Freedom Station for 2 hours of unlimited attractions, pizza and tokens. All of this was the lead in for the viewing of the NEW 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie. This Day camp was super fun for everyone and it was a successful fundraiser, a BIG thank you to all who attended!

August 1

Final day for Dojo Summer Day Camp

July 19

The First Goshindo Games Karate Tournament in Prescott AZ. Held at the Yavapai College Campus. Registration begins at 8am

July 16

A surprise visit from Hanshi John! Hanshi was able to break away and come down to help with and attend Shihan's 1st ever tournament, what a great surprise- all student tests that were scheduled for the beginning of the week were bumped to Friday so that Hanshi had the chance to be a part of the testing

July 4

No classes on Independence Day- Enjoy this time with your families and Celebrate our Countries adoption of the Declaration of Independence!

July 1 thru 4

There will not be a Dojo Day Camp during this week as we are taking this time to relax and enjoy a bit of summer while also getting some work done on the dojo

June 23

All students meet at the Entertainment District to have a full Dojo Class Demonstration from 6-7pm


Students performed in a 45 minute Demo at Tim's Toyota Center on Saturday. The Demo ran as a 3 ring circus with multiple areas being shown at one time. Students from 4 yrs and up participated.

May 17

9 Students and 2 Instructors attend the USAMA California Regional Karate Championships-This tournament was hosted by Shozen Martial Arts, everyone enjoyed a really great tournament with A+ competition and sportsmanship

June 2

Summer Dojo Day Camp Begins. Mon Thru Friday 7:30am- 6pm. Students will begin and end their day with Martial Arts, in between we will explore hiking trails, museums, arts and crafts, swimming, skate parks, and all kinds of outdoor activities. Kids un-plug from technology and just have FUN! This camp is also offered through Prescott Valley Parks and Recreation

May 7th

2 more students tested for their Purple Belts today! Congrats to them for doing such a great job and welcome to the Intermediate Ranks

May 6

Beginning weapons Class is launched today, exciting news for all of the students that have been wanting to learn Kobudo- also today is the launch of the new 30/30 Cardio Flex Fitness Class

May 5

Shihan Alex has been awarded the teaching contract as the New P.E. (Karate) instructor for the new Basis Charter School! We are all very proud of him, and we know he will do an awesome job

May 3rd

SPRFK turned out in force today for P.V. Team up to claean up!! 42 people in fact from our Dojo attended this event to help clean up trash around Prescott Valley! We won largest group award-O.K. I admit it we rock

April 26

Three students attend ASKA Phoenix Spring Tournament and return with 5 1st place wins, 1 second place and 1 third- Great way to start out the season!

April 4-6

Three students and two instructors attend the USAMA Grand Internationals in Albuquerque and come home with 5 International Champion Titles, 7 second place wins, 4 third place and one 4th place win. Also one student attended the annual banquet to receive their award for the 2013 Point standings, earning a 2nd in forms, 3rd in sparring and 5th in weapons.

March 27-30

21 students and 2 instructors compete in the USKA National Championships. This years team returns with One Grand Champion Title and 89 Top 4 positions, 27 of which are National Champion titles!

March 22

26 students participate in the annual Kick-A-Thon at Freedom Station. The students raised enough to cover the last remaining sponsorship's needed for Nationals competitors, BUT they also raised enough to donate $1,000.00 to a local family that has been battling 2 separate rounds of cancer!

March 6

Shihan Alex attends the WKF Arizona State Championships and comes home with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!

February 22

7 students attend the Pacific Southwest Regional's earning three more qualified for Nationals

February 17

Bring a parent to Karate night

February 17

Presidents Day Day camp was a BIG success with lots of fun and a few lessons learned

February 15

Annual Sweetheart Spaghetti Dinner serves 90 meals and is a great success- With extra thanks to Cliff Castle Casino, Pepsi Cola, Cool Side Heating and Cooling and many more!

February 15

Shihan Alex attends Colorado State Championships-earns Grand Champ Kata, 1st Kata, 2nd Kumite and 2nd Weapons

February 1

Saturday Nationals Practice begins- BE THERE or ElSE

February 1

The first of the Nationals fundraisers begins today! Beer (root) Brats and Boxing was a ton of fun and a great success thanks to all who participated!

January 23

Shihan Alex attends the New Mexico State Championships bringing home another Grand Champ, 2firsts and a second

January 23

MLK Day- Dojo Day Camp was a bunch of fun starting with an Obstacle course and dodge ball to warm up. Did some parkour before the movie The Nut Job, Freedom station and lunch. Did some skateboarding and no one got hurt! Samurai swordfighting followed by park play, rock hopping and threw some shuriken before two great karate classes

January 10

Now thru March every Friday is Dinner at the Dojo to begin the fundraising for Nationals

December 30

Prayers go out to our Hashi John and his family whose son Shane passed away today

December 22

Annual Dojo Christmas Party was just great! With help from a local artist we had live piano music, a giant slide show, brick breaking and a surprise visit from Santa himself! Hope your Holidays are wonderful!!

November 27- 29

No classes- Happy Thanksgiving

November 25

Students Raised enough from their 8 K Hike to be able to provide to the Yavapai food Bank turkey drive, 330 canned goods, 30 Turkeys and a check for $1,000.00

November 23

26 students participated in the Dojo Sleep over, everyone had tons of fun with games running until 9:30 when sleeping bags and popcorn came out and the movies started. Students tried their best to stay up all night, but eventually even the die hard’s gave in around 2am. This was all followed up with a big breakfast in the morning

November 23

Students hold 8K Hike fundraiser to sponsor the Yavapai Food Bank. Flyin‘ High Turkey Drive

November 16

14 students and one instructor compete at the Arizona State Championships in Phoenix. Competitors brought home 10 Firsts, 7 Seconds, 8 Thirds, 2 Fourths and 3 Grand Champion Titles.

October 31

Dojo Halloween Party, games, food, haunted house, and tons of candy and fun

October 11

Congratulations to Ceily Plucinsky, Andrew Rojas and Jason Ebersol on Passing all of their Black Belt exams. Today was an exciting and proud day for all of the members of the Dojo.

October 11

Congratulations go out to all of the students that tested this week

October 9-11

Fifteen students are scheduled for testing including 2 for Jr. Black and 1 for Black

October 8

Hanshi John Kraemer arrives for visit

September 21

Students attend ASKA Tournament in Phoenix

September 7

Instructors from SPRFK attend a three-hour Kemscrimah Do, Stick and Fist Seminar With Sifu Glenn Abrescy at Prescott Family Karate

August 30

Shinpu-Ren attends the Yavapai Tribe Community Resource Fair

August 26

Sensei Travis receives his official State and National Certification as an EMT

August 24

Get K.I.S.S.D 12 Noon-2PM Register here online

July 13, 2013

On Saturday the 13th thirty students and four Instructors from SPRFK descended on the V.A. in Prescott to perform in 2 separate demonstrations for the patients. From Mighty Mites on up students performed Kata's, weapons, sparring and self defense. The highlight of the event was for the students to be able to shake hands with and Thank all of the Veterans in attendance for their generous service and to let them know how much they are appreciated.

June 15, 2013

Students performed in a 45 minute Demo at Tim's Toyota Center on Saturday. The Demo ran as a 3 ring circus with multiple areas being shown at one time. Students from 4 yrs and up participated.

June 3, 2013

Dojo Day Camp begins. Students will spend their days, Mon- Wed- Fri, exploring new forms of Martial Arts, swimming, hiking, tennis, basketball, Kata in the park, bowling, and a number of other daily activities until 4pm when they return to the Dojo for their Karate Class. All this from 7am-6pm for only $15.00 a day

May 24, 2013

Shinpu-Ren has a new teen Brown Belt! Congrats to Makenzie!!

May 18, 2013

Benefit Tournament for ASKA in Phoenix Az. 4 Students attended the ASKA Benefit Tournament and brought home 4 First place, 4 Second place, and 1 third place, awesome job you guys!

May 11, 2013

Sensei Travis Roach made us all proud today when he graduated from Yavapai College with his EMT Certification

May 18, 2013

Get K.I.S.S.D 12Noon-2PM Register here online

April 15, 2013

Registration begins for returning Yavapai College students for the ShinPu-Ren Summer Karate Session. New students may register on April 22.

April 6, 2013

Get K.I.S.S.D. 12 Noon-2:00pm Register here online

March 21-24, 2013

Nine student and two instructors attend and compete at the USKA National Karate Championships in Albuquerque N.M. Everyone that attended placed in one or more of their events. A victory celebration was enjoyed by all on Sunday at the always favorite restaurant Tucanos of Albuquerque.

March 20,2013

The official Title of Sempai was awarded to Yavapai College Student Mr.Ebersol in recognition of his dedicated effort and support of the Dojo and the students. Mr. Ebersol is a excellent assistant instructor and will soon earn his Yudancha.

March 9, 2013

Annual Dojo Kick-a-Thon Fundraiser. The final event to help send the Nationals team to their Competition. Every year a percentage of the funds raised is donated back to the community. The event was held at Freedom Station.

March 1-2, 2013

Second Dojo Family Yard Sale to raise sponsorship funds for Nationals Team. On Sat the 2nd we also held a hot dog lunch sale and car Wash. Everyone came together and worked really hard to make this weekend successful.

February 17, 2013

Sweetheart Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

5pm-8pm, All you can eat dinner beverage and desert. The evening also featured numerous door prizes and a raffle drawing for many more great prizes. Music, Food and fun, what more could you ask for. All proceeds to help sponsor Nationals team members.

February 9, 2013

Get K.I.S.S.D. noon-2:00

February 2, 20113

All Dojo Ice Cream Social

For a mere $3.00 students and families and even yard Sale goers got to create their idea of a perfect Ice Cream Sundae. There were gobs of hot fudge and caramel with so many varieties of sprinkles and whip cream it would make your head swim at the options. Wonderful fun on a beautiful Prescott Valley day.

February 1-2, 2013

First Nationals Fundraiser/ Dojo family Yard Sale

This was the first of several fundraisers held to help the Nationals Qualifiers attend the National Championships in Albuquerque N.M

January 26, 2013

Newly trademarked Get K.I.S.S.D. program resumes classes. Free 2 hour Community Service Women's Self Defense Class from 12 noon-2pm

December 24, 2012

Dojo Christmas Party and Awards Banquet

Students and families attended the 2012 party and awards ceremony. There were awards presented to students from every class and very special gifts were awarded to some very special Sensei, followed by brick breaking and a huge pinata.