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Shinpu-Ren Karate is a subsidiary of Ronin Handiworx LLC

We are a family oriented martial arts dojo located in the heart of Prescott Valley. Equipping students with valuable life skills through character development we are forging future leaders of the community.

The students and teachers here are committed to bettering themselves each day to enhance their way of living to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.

With daily practice each individual develops discipline, respect and focus that carries over into all aspects of life. Students become more effective in their endeavors, more confident in their personal lives, and more aware of their surroundings.

Parents are always welcome and encouraged to observe or join in our classes. We are committed to the students and families we serve and look forward to serving you and yours.

You can check out our class schedules and programs here:

Shinpu-Ren Family Karate

Prescott Valley, Arizona