Weapons Class

Weapons Class

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Class Schedule

Thursdays: INTER. & ADV 6:00 pm- 7:00 pm

Cost: $20.00 per month for registered Karate students

Non-Karate Student Fee is $30.00 per month

Drop in Fee is $10.00 per Class

Restrictions: This class is for Registered Karate students only, OR provided to trained Martial Artists at the discretion of the Instructor.

Instructors: Shihan Alex Morris

Shihan Alex

Class Overview:

Kobudo or weapons training is another integral part of martial arts training in the Shinpu-Ren style. Weapons training helps to complete a martial artist and preserve the rich history surrounding the use of Okinawan Kobudo. The literal translation of the term Kobudo is ‘ancient martial arts’, or ways’. Kobudo is a very old martial tradition that involves training and practice with a variety of hand held metal and wooden weapons, bladed and non-bladed weapons. Training with weapons in the martial arts helps teach the true value of life and emphasizes the fine line between life and death. Weapons training reinforces the importance of great mental focus and intense physical control as fighting with a weapon, when used as intended, is but an extension of the human body, and potentially more lethal than fighting with bare hands.

At SPRFK children must first demonstrate a reasonable degree of mastery of their own body to begin Kobudo training by completing the Empty Hand Beginners Basics Certification. All Shinpu-Ren students must begin with a traditional Okinawan weapon, the Bo. Once the student passes The Basics of Bo Certification they are allowed to move into the Intermediate class. After Intermediate Kobudo Certification is achieved, the student may select their weapon of choice to train with, including bladed weapons