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College Credit Independent Study Course

College Credit Independent Study Course

Pre School Independent Tot's Course (ongoing)

Pre School Independent Tot's Course (ongoing)

After School PE Program

 After School PE Program

Physical Education Program for Charter and Private Schools

This program can be structured as a half credit to a full credit course. It is a challenging and comprehensive physical education program based on the Shinpu-Ren karate system.

Students are taken through a 50 minute calisthenic work out that includes aspects of karate, yoga, boot camp, weights, resistance and cardio. The second portion of the class that follows teaches students basic self-defense, forms, and light sparring. Discussions about learning to avoid trouble and handle problem situations peacefully are common. Students are expected to show proper respect and etiquette in the class.

They are drilled in Japanese terminology regarding all aspects from counting to every strike and kick. Written tests are administered regularly to check each student's progress. The history and lineage is also incorporated into the classes in order for the students to get a better idea of what they are learning.

Karate classes build on on the skills learned in the previous class and the students gradually become more proficient, confident, and enthusiastic to learn and accomplish more. These traits tend to flow over into other aspects of the students academic life and they are able to start meeting challenges with a much more positive attitude.

So far the classes have been very successful, the students proving again the incredible potential of young people today.

After School Program


Our unique after school program channels after school energy into a positive, productive afternoon of supervised homework, fun activities and quality martial arts training. A.S.K. students are able to stay at the Dojo up until 7:00 pm, which makes it very convenient for working parents.

We will accommodate students in grades 1-8 from the Prescott/ Prescott Valley and Chino Valley School district areas including charter schools.

We can pick students up as few as 1 day per week or as many as 5 day’s per week. The cost is simply attached to our normal tuition price, and can be customized to your needs.

On teacher in service days and Federal Monday holidays we offer our Dojo Day Camp for a $35.00 charge to keep the kids busy and safe all day from 7:00 am- 7:00 pm.

Click the image above or this link to open a printable PDF version to see all of the rules and guidelines for this program, then contact us by e-mail or phone for more information and to get your child registered for the A.S.K. program