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College Credit Independent Study After School Program

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Academic and Satellite Community Programs

College Credit Independent Study Program Course

How To:

Go through your College adviser. Availability may vary per school 

Select your own basic curriculum: Example- Methods of Teaching Karate, Intensive Basics


  • Receive up to 6 college credits per independent study
  • Receive experiential learning from trained professionals
  • Build your own self –defense knowledge base
  • Gain teaching experience
  • Tuition can be paid through grants-scholarships-financial aid etc.


Our classes are available to come to you!

This includes

  • Traditional Karate Class- 1 Hour group class up to 20 students $50.0 per hour
  • Martial Arts Physical Education Program- 1 Hour group P.E. class up to 20 students $50.00 per hour, Perfect for Charter Schools. Class size and cost tailored to your individual group and needs
  • Bully Prevention Program- A Two Hour Workshop Intensive Focuses on developing Responsibility, Assertiveness, Confidence, Instruction on how to defend themselves against physical attack, Tailored to your individual group and needs
  • Mighty Might’s Class- a 45 min program for ages 3-7 1 day per week $50.00 per class to build coordination, agility, gross motor skills, improve confidence, character, and awareness.
  • Get K.I.S.S.D. Women’s Self Defense Class -1-3 hour Intensive Workshop cost varies with group size, Tailored to your individual group and needs

After School Program


Quality after school program with a KICK!

So many parents want the benefits of Martial Arts for their kids, but work too late. This is where our After School Program comes in!

  • We pick up your child directly from school in one of our vans eliminating the need for a daycare.
  • Once they arrive at the Dojo they will participate in a 60-75 minute Karate class, where they will improve their physical fitness, learn self defense and most importantly learn character building skills (Respect, Discipline, Self Control and Confidence).
  • Our unique after school program channels after school energy into a positive, productive afternoon of supervised homework, fun activities and quality martial arts training. A.S.K. students are able to train and remain at the Dojo until 5:30 pm, which makes it very convenient for working parents.
  • We transport students in grades 1-12 from the Prescott Valley School district area up to 5 days per week.
  • On most Federal Monday holidays we offer our Dojo Day Camp for a $40.00 charge to keep the kids busy and safe all day from 8:00 am- 5:30 pm. That's less than $5 per hour!

For around $35.00 per week your child can be involved in a safe and productive activity 3 days a week!

Transportation and 75 minute Beginners Karate class

Monday- Wednesday - Friday

Click the image above or this link to open a printable PDF version to see all of the rules and guidelines for this program, then contact us by e-mail or phone for more information and to get your child registered for the A.S.K. program