About Us

We Are Shinpu-Ren Family Karate, Prescott Valley, Arizona.

Shinpu-Ren is an Okinawan hard style karate. What sets it apart from other hard styles is that it incorporates the high kicks and aerial combat techniques of the Korean arts.

It was introduced to the US in 1959 by Master (Soke) Yoichi Nakachi. Nakachi taught Shinpu-Ren in Seattle, WA until 1963. However, in 1963, he changed the name of Shinpu-Ren to Nippon Kenpo Butokukan. In 1965 Master Nakachi returned to Japan leaving behind his legacy of Karate. Master Nakachi died in 1998.

The system of Shinpu-Ren was re-awakened when Hanshi Vance Steele, who had originally trained in ShinPu-Ren; separated himself from his instructor and the Butokukan system. He had opened his own school and established his own association known as the Christian Martial Arts Association. Hanshi Steele took his original training in the Shinpu-Ren system, combined with training he had received under other Masters, refined the forms, and developed it into a highly effective combat system. Now, under his guidance and with the dedicated management highest ranking student Hanshi John Kraemer, the system is thriving in Dojos around the U.S.

Shinpu-Ren Family Karate opened its doors in 1998 under the instruction of (Sensei) Hanshi Gary Morris, sanctioned by Hanshi Vance Steele and Hanshi John Kraemer. Since then, the school, has gained National recognition as a school for high quality Martial Arts training.

Some schools demand the inclusion of religious precepts such asthe practice of Zen as a requirement of the curriculum. Shinpu-Ren Family Karate prefers to teach the science of Karate. We encourage our students to pursue their chosen spiritual path and to allow Karate to enhance that experience.


At Shinpu-Ren Family Karate, we believe in hard work for excellent results. Karate is a fighting art and sport. It requires discipline, consistent attendance and effort to excel. Each session builds on the previous, creating a well rounded student. Students need to be committed to practice not only in the Dojo, but also at home. Parents enrolling their children need to realize this and encourage their child's dedication to follow through with the choice of training in the arts. As instructors, we endeavor to empower our students to become the highest quality of Karteka (martial arts student) that they can become.

Karate is a very personal journey for every student. It is not a team based sport, although it improves performance in all sports. It is based on the individual accomplishment of each unique person. Shinpu-Ren arms its students with a host of positive mental and physical skills that will help them in school, at home and in life.