Meet Us

ShinPu-Ren Family Karate is a long established school with a curriculum that spans multiple disciplines of open hand Martial Arts, our students receive a solid well rounded education in their training with us. We use numerous teaching materials and methods, including computer research and video instruction to get our students to progress to their highest level possible. We do not demand the inclusion of religious precepts such as the practice of Zen as a requirement of the curriculum. Shinpu-Ren Family Karate prefers to teach the applied science of Martial Arts. We encourage our students to pursue their chosen spiritual path and to allow Karate to enhance that experience. 

The Shinpu-Ren Dojo is a family owned and operated Martial Arts School that opened its doors in 1998. In 2003 the school expanded to Prescott Arizona until it moved to Prescott Valley in 2006. Since then, the school has gained Hall of Fame, National and world recognition as a school for superior Martial Arts training. We have served in 2 locations in Prescott Valley over the past 15 years. Shinpu-Ren was established as a credit course at Yavapai College from 2006-2020 and has also taught multiple courses for the Town of Prescott Valley, Basis and the Yavapai Indian Tribe. 

In addition to providing daily classes in the Dojo, the school continues to bring Martial Arts to the community through independent study programs, private courses and workshops as well as continuing education for Yavapai College. 

Our commitment is real, if you ever have questions about your student’s progress we ask that you contact us personally so that we can better serve you.

Hanshi James Morris- Head instructor for all Shinpu-Ren Schools 

Shihan Alex Morris- Primary instructor Shinpu-Ren Family Karate  

Shihan Lori Morris- Administrator and second primary instructor