Why Us

With so many choices of Karate and Martial Arts Schools available why should you choose us?

  1. Because we strive to provide our students with the highest most effective quality of Martial Arts and Defense training in the industry. 
  2. Shinpu-Ren Family Karate operates with the philosophy that “good enough isn’t good enough” We do not accept a second rate attitude with our instructors, or our training. Instructors and students set a path to become their best every day. 
  3. In that you will find dedicated instructors, committed to passing on their knowledge and skills at our Dojo 
  4. Because unlike other martial arts schools, we do not hire instructors from outside of our own Dojo. As is traditional, all of our instructors teach in order to give back to the school. We know each of them personally and have for many years. 
  5. In that we have been serving in the quad city area and beyond for over 20 years, and this longevity shows you are choosing a school with a solid history. 
  6. Because we do not require you to sign contracts, we don't have to. 
  7. In that we do not charge for rank testing other than Black Belt 


  • We teach 75 minute Karate classes to maximize learning 
  • We have 45 minute Upgrade classes as well as extended workshops to expand students foundational skills 
  • We offer a large open training floor 
  • Lockers and storage areas for personal items 
  • An After school program that includes transportation 
  • Plenty of seating for family and friends 
  • Day camps during the summer and on holidays 
  • A Flexible payment plan without contracts 

School Motto: “Visualize Believe and Achieve” 

Shinpu-Ren Family Karate is a traditional Karate school, which means we have a long martial art history with an old and proven training system. We can re-trace our lineage instructor line back many, many generations. The teaching of this art is based on self-mastery, applied science, theory, and personal effort. In these aspects, Shinpu-Ren Family Karate is very different compared to many other Martial Arts Schools that are based on entertainment, leisure activity and fast rewards. When training is based on a traditional karate system it provides a student something to be proud of –but in a modest and respectful way. 

The way in which we provide our traditional karate training is genuinely unique, although we run a formal based program, we do so in a family atmosphere, and we enjoy ourselves while teaching and while learning. We do have age and time requirements that are standard to traditional systems. It is only logical that age and maturity, readiness and qualification should be required for legitimate ranks in Karate. 

We see ourselves as instructors to always be students of the arts. We are no greater than the newest white belt that enters the door. Our instructors are friends and advisers to the younger students. We strive to guide students to achieve their highest goals. We know that respect is earned as well as returned. We show students that to be respectful in everyday life is to listen and affirm, to serve with kindness and politeness and to always remember to show gratitude. We teach our students that Martial arts training is an honorable way of life.