GET K.I.S.S.D. - Womens Self Defense Class

Shinpu-Ren offers professional training in Women's Self-Defense. Self-Defense Programs are available to small or large groups. Length of the programs vary from two hours to four weeks.

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Get K.I.S.S.D. means -Keep it simple self defense

The Get K.I.S.S.D Women's self-defense course has been designed specifically to empower women with the skills, tactics and strategies to survive a violent situation.

Based on 4 Primary Skills

  • Awareness Skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Verbal Skills
  • Physical Technique

What will I learn in your self-defense course?

  • Ways to avoid a violent confrontation
  • How to escape the most common grabs and holds
  • Defense against the most common strikes
  • Extensive training about survival on the ground
  • Strategies to trick your attacker
  • Learn to utilize your strengths against the attacker’s weaknesses.
  • Finally, try out your newly learned techniques on a real person in a safe environment

The Get K.I.S.S.D Women's Self-Defense Course will help give you the security and peace of mind of knowing that you can dramatically increase the chances of surviving and or avoiding a violent attack.

The ability to protect yourself, friends and your family from dangerous situations is priceless.

Keep in mind that this is all being done in a safe and controlled environment, unlike the real world where you have to learn the hard way about what does or does not work. We take every precaution to ensure that students do not get injured while learning the various defense strategies being taught.

This class is designed to empower women, and provide simplistic evasive, defensive applications that don’t require months of daily practice.