Summer Camp


How will your child be spending the summer?

Looking for a great Summer Camp in P.V.? Look no further than Shinpu-Ren Family Karate Summer Fun Camp. Your child will stay active, have fun, learn valuable life skills and get some quality Martial Arts training at our Summer Camp. Campers get daily Karate Classes, sports work outs and field trips.

Kids will conquer new challenges, build confidence, broaden their social skills and unplug from technology. They’ll get a chance to relax, be themselves and make new friends while learning basic Karate skills, Self defense, grappling, bully prevention, personal safety tips and more.

They will enjoy weekly field trips, Harkins Movie Theater, Freedom Station, Swimming, local parks, State parks, Rivers, Lakes, Hiking trails, museums, activities and more.

Karate Summer Camp Sessions

#1- June 6, 2015 Thru June 12, 2015

#2- June 22, 2015 Thru June 26, 2015

#3- July 6, 2015 Thru July 10, 2015

#4- July 20, 2015 Thru July 24, 2015

Space is limited- Sign up Today

* Any Session that does not meet minimum enrollment will be cancelled and fee's refunded or applied to an alternate session

Camp activities

are from 8:00 am- 5:30 pm Mon-Wed-Fri

8:00 am- 6:30 pm Tues-Thurs


A SPRFK Summer Camp T-shirt is available in lieu of a uniform ** and can be purchased from the instructor for $15.00 or uniform and belt is available from the instructor for $40.00.

Prices below are for non-Karate enrolled participants.

Camp Fees

1 day $35.00 per child

3 day Special- Mon-Wed-Fri $96.00-save $9.00

5 day Super Deal- Mon thru Fri $145.00-save $30.00

Prices below are for Karate Enrolled/ Tuitioned students

Camp Fees

1 day $30.00 per child

3 day Special- Mon-Wed-Fri $81.00-save $9.00

5 day Super Deal- Mon thru Fri $125.00-save $30.00

Non-enrolled sibling price is $27.00 per day

All travel consent and participation forms must be filled out prior to participation in Karate Day Camp

Contact us today for more information at 928.308.8001

Shinpu-Ren Family Karate

6570 E. 6th St.
Prescott Valley

Attention Prescott Valley Residents!


Join us in our 20th year of teaching Martial Arts, Self Defense & Fitness!

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