Karate Overview

Karate teaches: discipline, leadership, respect, and dedication.

What we teach

At Shinpu-Ren Family Karate we teach the full realm of Karate including but not limited to:

  • Forms
  • Free Sparring
  • Tournament Competition
  • Street Self Defense
  • Submission Fighting and Pressure Points
  • Kobudo (weapons)

All training is done in a supervised, safe and clean environment.

As students progress through the rigorous training all aspects of co-ordination including mental and physical endurance, flexibility, strength and confidence will develop. Although we encourage tournament competition it is not the main focus of training. It is used as a means of comparison for students to measure their skill level and to teach sportsmanship, fun and camaraderie in competition.

We do not teach lethal aspects to children, but rather this is reserved for students that have met the age and rank criteria to receive this training.

We are a Family Karate school and therefore welcome all ages to train with us from four years and above.


The weapons curriculum for Shinpu-Ren Family Karate is headed by Shihan Alex. He personally oversees all weapons training. Along with traditional weapons Kata (forms) he has designed a series of forms based on the Shinpu-Ren Kata that are taught empty hand. Most of his training in Kobudo comes from personal exploration with each weapon, Master’s Seminars as well as written training manuals by Sensei Fumio Demura, a foremost authority in Kobudo. Shihan Alex also expands his weapons training with Hanshi John Kraemer at every given opportunity.

At Shinpu-Ren Family Karate, weapons training is available for tuitioned students only. Kobudo does not count towards a student’s time on the floor in relation to their next belt rank. Karate is the art of empty hand; a weapon is purely an extension of the hand that holds it. Therefore we place restrictions on when we allow students to train with certain weapons. Children must first demonstrate a reasonable degree of mastery of their own body to begin Kobudo by completing the Empty Hand Beginners Basics Certification.

All Shinpu-Ren students must begin with a traditional Okinawan weapon, the Bo. Once the student passes The Basics of Bo Certification they are allowed to move into the Intermediate class. After Intermediate Kobudo Certification is achieved, the student may select their weapon of choice to train with, including bladed weapons.