Grappling Fundamentals class

Ronin No Gi Self Defense Class

This class is open to the public as well as registered Karate students.

*Respect* *Conditioning* *Leverage* *Defense*

This is a No Gi / no uniform class

Rash guards are recommended

Learn and apply basic concepts that will assist you in your defense on the ground and gain experience rolling with your peers.

Learn Reality based situational Self-Defense training techniques that combine mind and body to effectively deal with difficult, stressful, and dangerous situations. Ronin Self Defense training will teach you to properly defend yourself on the ground as well as strengthen your stand up fight. Practicing and gaining experience rolling with your peers gives you the opportunity to refine your skills with others who strive to do the same. This art specializes in ground fighting techniques: navigating into positions of control with the fight-ending with either your escape, or forcing the opponent to surrender with submission holds like leg locks, arms locks, chokes and everything in between. The surrender of an opponent is usually expressed by a (“tap-out”). Grappling is an umbrella term for martial arts/hand-to-hand combat.

The practice of grappling is an excellent way to improve your strength and endurance physically. It requires you to use a wide range of muscle groups. Grappling focuses on utilizing those muscle groups to achieve maximum efficiency. Additionally to building more muscle, grappling offers great cardiovascular benefits, helps you build endurance, and it even improves mental focus. These are all skills that are all necessary for intense physical training.

Not many forms of exercise can provide the many real-world benefits as grappling does. The most valuable benefit being its potential in the application as a self-defense tool. By adding grappling skills to your defense skills you can dramatically improve your ability to protect yourself from an attacker successfully. Grappling classes combine the potentially life-saving knowledge and skills while studying self-defense with the health benefits of a guided and purposeful workout. Around 85% of fights go to the ground. A well rounded fighter is capable both on their feet and on the ground.

Grappling Skills and Self Defense

  • Grappling is used at close range to gain a physical advantage over an opponent. With the emphasis on taking control of the attacker and forcing them to submit.
  • When unskilled fighters get involved in an altercation, a common reaction is to grab the other person in an attempt to slow the situation down by holding them still, resulting in a struggle that relies on brute force.
  • A skilled grappler will be better at taking others down and preventing themselves from being taken down, incorporating submissions, sweeps, and striking techniques that stun the opponent. It is also geared more towards giving smaller people the upper hand over bigger opponents.
  • A grappler who has been taken down to the ground can use defensive positioning such as the Guard, which protects against being mounted or attacked.
  • A grappler can utilize leverage as well, making a takedown or throw a fight-ending maneuver. A skilled fighter can perform takedowns as a way of progressing to a superior position such as a Mount or side control , or using clinch holds and ground positions to set up strikes, choke holds, and joint locks
  • Sparring with fellow students with takedowns, throws, grappling and ground techniques allows the student to experience a full realm of Self Defense in hand to hand training.

During Class

A fitness workout is woven into the 90 minute self defense training session. Every class is different. Some nights include Intervals of high intensity bag work with mitts, and partner drilling to teach you the basics of blocking striking and kicking. Other nights train in light to high bag impact and stretching giving you options to advance your exercises or modifications to step it back a notch. Moving through different exercises and drills to strengthen the whole body, as well as increase stamina and speed. Rolling with different partners of different skill levels will allow you to practice all of the different skill sets for the day.
  • Gain coordination and athleticism
  • Learn striking, kicking attacking basics and Gain Technique for Self Defense
  • Build endurance


Between rounds of drills stretching is included to keep muscles supple and flexible

  • stretching methods for the whole body
  • Reduce muscle Pain and fatigue
  • Improve Range of Motion

This class is taught co-ed. Women who are looking to learn real world Self Defense combined with fitness will benefit greatly from it. Men will find this class challenging as well as an educative and valuable experience.