Personal Karate Training Class

Private Karate Martial Arts Lessons


based on your needs

Days & Times:

Appointments for these lessons can be arranged around your available schedule provided we have a Sensei available for the time frame.


$50.00 per hour


private home setting


we have four instructors who can provide personal training.

Class Overview

Training is available on a private basis. These lessons can cover a wide array of situations.

  • Training for people who are physically challenged. Including wheelchair bound.
  • People who are looking for help with a particular situation in their lives
  • People who are not looking to train all the way through a belt rank system, only looking to improve their ability to protect themselves on a general basis.
  • People who prefer to train in a private home setting either alone or with additional family members.
  • People who want to improve their physical conditioning, in the privacy of their own home, but need to be pushed to accomplish their goals.