Shinpu-Ren Lineage: Soke Robert Hill

Shinpu-Ren Lineage: Soke Robert Hill lineage overview

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Soke Robert Hill

Grandmaster of Butokukan- Bremerton WA.

Soke Robert Hill is the Grandmaster of the Butokukan system. He was given this distinction by Soke Yoichi Nakachi, his Sensei back in the 1960’s. Soke Robert Hill trained under Master Nakachi in Seattle WA.

When Master Nakachi left the United States to return to Japan, Robert Hill was given his Nidan, and took over the Butokukan system. Soke Robert Hill is the Sensei of Anthony Sandoval, the Sensei that trained Hanshi Vance Steele.

Mr. Robert Hill has numerous dojo’s under him spread out all over Washington State, and around the country. Mr. Hill still trains students in his dojo in Bremerton WA.

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